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1. Daniel's World

  • Genres: Documentary
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Daniel's World

Daniel is a young man. Daniel is a student and a writer. Also Daniel is a pedophile. He is in love and makes no secret of his sexual orientation; even not in front of the parents of his beloved boy. Daniel has never hurt any child. What is the way of the most intimate of feelings in Daniel's and his friends' heart? The film introduces the rises and falls of people living with pedophilia. It portrays Daniel and the Czech community of pedophiles. It narrates a story of forbidden love and a constant struggle to come to terms with oneself and the society.

2. On Stage at World Cafe Live: Jennifer Glass & Danielia Cotton

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On Stage at World Cafe Live: Jennifer Glass & Danielia Cotton

Rock and country refrains create a sensational sonic brew in this dual concert featuring vocalists Danielia Cotton and Jennifer Glass. Recorded inside Philadelphia's World Café -- a venue inspired by the national public radio program of the same name -- the dynamite show includes "Lost Here," "Talking to You," "The One," "It's Only Life," "Take Me for a Ride," "Pride" and "Found Another."