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Thea was expecting impatience and some form of aggressive brazzers logo for sex.
The gentleman was patient normally and therefore a little annoyed by himself, over the sudden urge for the thief. Some time before she came, it always happened.

He never said it to be sad, but there was a sudden brazzers logo and need to possess her in total.

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A need to fool her to penetrate and stay inside her, he owned her mind and body. But it was suddenly not enough that her body would feel full, he would be deep into her mouth in her mouth, penetrating the ass until her brazzers logo disappeared. use her over and over again. pinch her until she could not stand, just lay exhausted in a smaller bowl of sweat and fisses, use and put aside the knowledge that no one else could take her so hard for so long and so brutally.

used and exhausted for effort and satisfaction.


always heitated to admit the violent brazzers logo. It was often easy to hide as the sexiest could vary in him. The desire to punish and use the thief in sessions was invariably present always and each meeting intensified the urge to push the thief longer and longer out, not so she could not bump, but because she could see how far she could squeeze herself.

She was beautiful when she was used after lessons after punishment after punishment, a single look at her bowed body and the sight of her striped well-shaped ass made him horny every time.


It was the kind of mental images that were on the retina for a very long time, little things. a pair of eyes that had cried during a session and left fatigue and fatigue and a little stubbornness, as there was always a piece of road yet there was no pressure in the bottom.

her way of speaking for pain and the eternal need that came back in the form of curiosity and wonder what she managed to do.


It rang on the door And the Lord closed Thea.

She had a lot of clothes with since she had to be here for a long time and she looked tired.
They talked a little and she got her stuff in her usual place.

they rarely kissed what was strange when you thought he could fuck her anytime but that was just not part of their stuff together, there was no need to define what they had where others might need to love each other before entering into a gentleman’s relationship that had moved as much as his relationship with thea, they never really got into the habit of hitting a relationship, they were too different and, in fact, did not really matter in common without gentleman and cheating on the role.

Thea woke up the next day and the Lord let her have her breakfast and relax. they slam a little differently until he brazzers now she was a little too smart in her mouth and then he told her that she could throw the nightgown and turn her ass.


she hesitated to respond and he could see her shortly after regretting her slow reaction, but then he grabbed her hair and squeezed her down on the couch, he had really expected to give her a messy but after a few hard fits he was stiff and so no need to waste a stiff cock so she was pushed around and chose this time to obey, the scattered legs made room for him to penetrate gently first into her wet pussy. She was always wet soon after a few whisks.

He usually preferred to classify a lot more and carefully process her body so that her entire body achieves pain, it was good for her behavior and at the same time triggered the endorphiner who made her tempt her fate by not obeying all orders.

He now fully got up in her and lay a little inside her thinking of her brazzers logo before she had come to visit.

It made him get very stiff and a couple of back and forth jams seemed to both enjoy and be a little surprised.

He pulled all the way in and kissed her on the mouth. There was nothing romantic in the kiss. It was just demanding, and at the same time he clenched her hard and determined with slow pace. It was happening at his pace and it pleased him to see her be horny but he was not sure she was allowed to come, it had to show time.

He knocked her steadily and kissed her again without the big passion, it confused her a little and it made him smile. He could do whatever he wanted with her body. and he wanted to hug her slowly and kiss her a little.

The dick slipped in and out and it was hot and nice.

He considered continuing to the ass but thought it could wait, he brazzers porn she was about to come so he slipped and pulled her out on the floor. he brazzers my dissatisfied content with it and Thea was quickly pissed on to a table with hands and legs scattered.

The lovely ass tempted to get his cock back on but he held his skin, his fingers discovered and played with the dirt until she was close to the orgasm he let her come close again and again but never enough to come.

then he seriously began to tense her something more brutally and hard.
the ass became redder and redder and he went over to a selection of whips that were again used heavily over the next half hour.
he could see tears now when he checked her eyes which was great to see, it did not stop him from being able to cope with what was relevant.

He gave her a break where he spent some time on her breasts, and became a good mast and noticed until she got tears in her eyes again, it was nice to have her breasts in her hands and kneel them quietly.

The gentleman continued to irritate and cause pain with a few breaks until she was really used and tired, so he loosened her and pulled her back on the couch again. She was relaxed and very tender and initially grateful for ordering her knees, often the lord let her sit directly on the ass after a long session to enjoy her inconvenience.

She did not get any warning but felt a little slip before she felt his cock slid up in the ass calmly.

It was not the most enjoyable experience he brazzers at her when he pulled in, but it was nice and the Lord grabbed the hanging breasts and hugged while pulling in and out a couple of times.
she was ashamed of the weather and was on the verge of using his security word, he brazzers so he was good at pulling in and out carefully. A part of him wanted to speed up, but he stopped it and hugged his breasts harder.

Slowly the pace came up a bit and the breasts got a break.
The ass got a pair of whispers while the brazzers free in and out and he brazzers porn it was easier for Thea to get the cock slipped in and out.

slowly the gentleman could notice that the sperm slipped out of the cock and into the asshole and she hugged her as hard as she could together to make him finish quickly but it had the opposite effect that allowed the Lord to slow down and knead slowly and patient.
Until he brazzers he had had enough for now.

She lay down easily and was allowed to take a smoke before the next session should have a little excuse to begin later in the evening.

Thea already looked a little tired and the lord could look good.
He kept an eye on her and waited for something that could cause him to catch up again.